Why you should avoid refilling toner cartridges

There is no doubt that quite a large number of printer users choose to refill toner cartridges instead of buying new ones. Understandably, refilling toners is way cheaper and good for the environment. On the flip side though, the benefits of purchasing a manufacturer toner outweigh the disadvantages.

The downside of refilling toner cartridge is the fact that they can be harmful to your printer. In some instances, the refilled toner might negatively affect your health. Read on and get to understand reasons not to refill toner cartridges. When armed with the information you can protect yourself as well as your printer.

The first reason not to refill toner cartridges is that being exposed to the refilled toner cartridges for longer periods will affect your health. There are chemical compounds found in the toner powder including heat-sensitive plastic, trinitroflurene, and nitropyreries. These compounds cause severe skin reactions and breathing problems. Toner powder is a light particle form.

During the refilling process, these particles escape into the air causing respiratory problems. Additionally, some people are affected by uninhibited allergic reactions. On the other hand, new toner cartridges do not cause such problems.

Secondly, the refilled cartridge is not as durable as a brand new cartridge. For instance, if you purchased Brother DCP-L2550DW toner, it will last longer than your refilled toner cartridge. In essence, you can forego durability forever by merely choosing the refilling method. At some point, the refilled toner will give up. The cartridge comes with a drum, toner magnetic roller, and charger roller among others.

Just as in most-used components a cartridge requires each of these parts to be replaced as well. If the parts are changed they will give the toner a boost. Refilling alone will only add you to minimal time. A good example of the importance of replacing parts is described below. For the printing process to materialize, the roller drum receives heat which in turn sticks to the printing paper. In a scenario where the roller drum is not functioning properly, the printing process won’t be accomplished.

In simple terms, printing cannot be done with an old and retired roller drum because there is nothing to help the powder stick on the paper. Typically, when the powder does not stick to the paper, the powder is exposed to the air. The result is that those around might develop the health problems we mentioned above.

Thirdly, you should consider the cost. Surprisingly, the cost between refill toner cartridges and remanufactured toners doesn’t vary too much. It’s good to mention that remanufactured toners are not original. There is a third party produced toner cartridges. However, because of the cost and reputation that is at stake, they are created with standards similar to or above the manufacturer specifications.  Generally, buying a remanufactured toner is as good as walking into the original toner store and buying one.

They offer great performance and their durability not found when you refill your printer’s toner. Therefore, you shouldn’t shy from purchasing a Brother DCP-L2550DW toner –which is a remanufactured toner. After all, there is not much difference in the cost.

The other major worry is the quality of refilled toners. Nearly all customers in the printing business are looking for clarity. A refilled toner is at loss maintaining the original crisp and clear look that customers love. The newer cartridge produces high-quality images.

You expose your printer to a major risk when you refill your toners. The powder could infiltrate and damage the inside of your printer. As a result, the printer lifespan is shortened.

Finally, we have stated five justifiable reasons why you should abandon toner refills and embrace remanufactured or original toners. The remanufactured toners offer similar service as the original toner. Keep this in mind every time you wish to refill your toner or purchase new ones.  

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